Avoiding the Morass

Contempt of Court-Dicession with the Author

Gatekeeps of the Justice System

Probate Litigation in Utah

Tax Issues in Bankruptcy

A Different Paradigm for
Construction Defects in
Homeowners Associations

Dissolution: The Process of
Winding Up a Business/Law Firm

Pro Se Litigants !!!!

Tips & Pointers from the Southern Bench

You Mean To Say You Try Cases Without Deposing Everyone?
Tips from Criminal Lawyers and Paralegals on Preparing for Trial
Without Breaking the Bank


Don’t Horse Around: The Basics of Equine Law


Hike and CLE: Red Cliffs Preservation & Zion’s Park
Transportation Corridor

Improve Your Chances of Getting to
Yes in Mediation — Top 10 Tips from Mediators

Writing Effective Appellate Briefs:
How to Persuade Judges and Comply
with Rule 24’s New Requirements



Artificial Intelligence in the Law

Choosing Door Number 2: Helping Clients
Decide to Allow Their Case to Go to Trial

NEW: Rule 4-904
Informal Trials in Family Law

Trust Lands and Working With the State
on Trust Land Projects

Business Models in the Current
Healthcare Environment

Evidence: Recent Cases &
Focused Advocacy

Guardianship and Advance Life Planning

Immigration Policy Changes:
What to Expect­-2017-UPDATES-AND-WHAT-TO-EXPECT-MOVING-FORWARD-Presented-by-Aria-Nejad.pdf