March 13-15, 2014 at the Dixie Convention Center!

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Keynote Speakers . . .

Ury James Smith
Frederic S. Ury
"Adapt and Succeed in the Face of Disruptive Change: The Future of the Practice of Law"

Dr. Robert James
"Raising the Bar: How the Movies Changed Jurists and Clients’ Perspectives"
Hyrum W. Smith
"The Power of Perception"

Your 2014 Spring Convention Committee Members:

Co-Chairs: Aaron Randall & Richard Matheson

Committee Members:
  • Utah State Bar President-Elect James Gilson
  • Jennie Jonsson
  • Nathan Scharton
  • Ken Aston
  • Scott DeGraffenried
  • Ben Lieberman
  • Adam Caldwell
  • William Stilling
  • Nikki Davis
  • Christian Kesselring
  • Phillip Lowry
  • Brad DeHaan
  • Alex Pearson